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Hospitality & Tourism
Four days off per month
Working in Marketing Department, able to carry out daily Chinese dialogues

Note: The above positions require good image and temperament, with a height of 175CM for males and 165CM for females. Has the Putonghua foundation.

Marketing Management Major

Employee Benefits:

1. Work 8 hours a day, 4 days a month, and enjoy the national statutory holidays.

2. Boarding and lodging, dormitories are equipped with independent bathrooms, balconies, bathrooms, providing wireless broadband; Cantonese and Sichuan-Hunan cuisine are produced in staff restaurants;

3. The company has a snack bar, basketball court, tennis court, table tennis room, billiards room, etc.

4. Hold monthly birthday party for employees, and all employees can get birthday gifts on that month's birthday.

5. Enjoy the opportunity to soak in hot springs every month.

6. Quarterly selection of excellent employees, awarding honorary certificates and bonuses;

7. Provide free professional skills training, business training and other training courses, and enjoy personal accident insurance;

8. Free bus service is provided daily between the resort and the county town

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