In order to adapt to the circumstances of globalization, more and more enterprises need talents with international perspective and cross-cultural experiences.
In the meantime, as the world’s second-largest economy and fastest developing country, China might be a most attractive and absorbing place for overseas interns.

Yufeng Mandarin Education & Exchange Center organizes corporations in China which have Internship & Job vacancies for overseas candidates and provides Official Visa Support, Pick-up Service, Chinese language/Culture, 7*24hour support during internship in company etc..


* Personal and professional development
* First-hand experience of Chinese business and culture
* Potential business opportunity with host company
* Long-term job opportunity in China
* Making friends with talents across the world to build your business networks


Short-term: 1-3 months, 4-6 months
Long-term: 7-9 months, 9-12 months
Basic Language Training: 80 lessons including Chinese Culture lessons in & out of school.Standard Host Company Support:
Professional Internship Supervisor
Stipend 2000 - more CNY/month, and/or
Shared accommodation, and/or Daily working meal

Scholarships from Yufeng Mandarin.edu School: 1500CNY/month if the host company you choose don't provide stipend.


Business & Trade
Marketing & PR
Energy & Green Technology Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Hospitality &Tourism Information Technology, Games Media & Movie

NGOs, NPOs Education & Consulting


1. Submit Personal CV in English with formal photo
2. Review and a Skype interview
3. Internship Proposals
4. Service payment and Official Visa Process
5. Pick-up and accommodation arrangement with welcome package
6. One month in our school for Chinese language & Cultures and various activities 7.On-supervised internship in company

8. Internship Evaluation and send off to airport