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Suzhou was the capital of the Wu State during the Spring and Autumn PeriodIn 514 BC, by the command of King He Lu of Wu, his senior minister Wu Zixu built the Great City of He Lu, and its wall measured 23 5 kilometres in circumsference with 8 pairs of land - and - water gatesThe city began to take the name of Suzhou and Gusu City during the Sui DynastyNumerous changes have taken place in Suzhou through its vast historyYet, in spite of repeated devastation, the city is still seated exactly on the original site as it was 2500 years ago, which is indeed an instance rarely found in the world

Suzhou is best known for its gardens: Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, the Surging Wave Pavilion, and the Master of Nets GardenThese gardens weave together the best of traditional Chinese architecture, painting and artsShown in the picture above is the famous "Cold Mountain Temple" where bells are rang on New Year's morning as a tradition

Suzhou Garden

Cold Mountain Temple

Suzhou is also known as the "Venice of the East"The city is sandwiched between Taihu Lake and Grand CanalNetwork of cannels, criss-crossed with hump-backed bridges, give Suzhou an image of City on the water

Zhou Zhuang