Tips for Your Intern Trip Preparation

Publish Date:2018-07-05 Clicks:1604

Now that you've settled your internship in China, and almost ready for your great adventure in this historical country, we still have some useful tips, mainly for your everyday life here when you're not working and are curiously exploring this charming place:

Figuring Out Transport and Accommodation

  • ·     China’s travel infrastructure has developed greatly in recent years.
  • ·     The major options for intercity transport are flights and high-speed trains. Taking a bullet train running at more than 300 km/h is on the to-do list of many customers. Trains cost 100–300 USD between major cities like Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai; flights 300+ USD.
  • ·     Accommodation types range from top-class/boutique resorts, to chain hotels, to local experience lodging. Here are some approximate costs for reference:
  • ·     Boutique hotels and top resorts: 250+ USD/night
  • ·     Chain hotels: 100–250 USD/night
  • ·     Local-experience hotels: 50–100 USD/night

Private and Tailor-Made Is Best

  • ·     A private tour is recommended. With a private guide and transport you can maximize your time. You can focus on the sightseeing you want to do and skip the long queues in the most crowded attractions. Do you want to visit the Great Wall of China with a coach-load of 40 people, and have only 20 minutes on the wall? A private, tailor-made tour is a better choice.
  • ·     With our help, you can get to know China and its culture in a most efferent and pleasant way possible. Your first exploration in China should only ever be all that you want it to be. We can help you tailor-make a first-time tour from scratch, doing the things you want in the order you want.

More Preparations to Make Your Exploration Better

  • ·     Make sure your SIM card is compatible on a Chinese network if you plan to use it. Our staff at Yufeng Mandarinedu will also help you get a Chinese local SIM card once you arrive at your destination.
  • ·     Much of the web is blocked in China: Google, Facebook… If you still like to be active on your regular social media, you’ll need a VPN service on your devices.
  • ·     Voltage and sockets may be different. Prepare an adapter for your electronics.
  • ·     It will help to be able to say things like “please”, “hello”, and “thank you” in Chinese.
  • ·     Major credit/debit cards are only accepted in some star-rated hotels and large department stores. Chinese cash is easy to obtain though through numerous ATMs everywhere in cities.

What are you waiting for? Happy exploring! ;)